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Khiron Pharma, LLC is exceptionally proud to introduce to all women LadyBalance®; the finest, first of its kind, nature’s goodness, blended to stimulate one’s confidence and to experience a hidden cleanliness while enriching your life.

LadyBalance® is a unique intimate care patent pending product different from anything seen or known based on a different philosophy with insight into the world of microbiology. Women no longer have to live with that awkward and unpleasant embarrassing condition of vaginal odor (feminine odor), nor, need to suffer from yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, change in normal discharge, itching or burning. The true essence of Khiron Pharma, LLC is to let LadyBalance® be known to women around the world, because we believe that intimate health, well-being and knowledge will help women live more passionate and fulfilling lives.

One may think that maintaining the proper pH balance in a woman’s body may sound difficult, however, in reality, it is quite simple. LadyBalance® was developed for the sole purpose to remedy this problem with no doubt leaving women feeling fresh and attractive in the most intimate part of a woman’s body.