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Natural Intimate Care For Women
Intimate well-being. Every woman deserves for enjoying a life of deeper love, connection and inner radiance. Having a healthy vaginal environment is something every women thinks about. LadyBalance® is a natural intimate care patent pending product for the prevention and treatment of symptoms caused by an imbalance of the normal vaginal flora.

LadyBalance® is recommended for use in treating the following conditions:

• Bacterial/Gardnerella vaginosis
• Vaginal fungal/yeast infection
• Vaginal discharge of unpleasant-smelling nature
• Vaginal dryness and itching
• Vaginal stinging and irritation
• Excessive sexual activity

LadyBalance® is highly recommended by leading gynecologists and sexologists, amongst them, Gynecologist, Gabriella Liisberg, specialists in the area of women’s problems and Sexologist, Helle Koldsø. In wanting a more comprehensive view, a user-survey consisting of 752 women having received LadyBalance® proved, once again, effective.

• 90% of the women tested experiencing unpleasant malodor observed excellent results within 12 hours
• 83% of women experiencing pain and/or itching rapidly restored vaginal balance and the pain and itching disappeared
• 76% of the women suffering from vaginal dryness stated that symptoms were significantly improved after using LadyBalance®
• Last but no least, over 50% of women tested had increased sexual desire and found LadyBalance® to be very beneficial

All women tested, stated they will continue having LadyBalance® on hand!