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A personal story from the lady behind the product
I attended a church concert, graceful, stylish and well-dressed. Sniff, sniff. There is an unpleasant odor! It must be an ”illusion” of the senses. No, it’s definitely there, especially, when I move. Is it me? No, it can’t be. Oh my! It's me! I sneak out of the church, get home, wash and put on a clean pair of underwear. It doesn’t help!

It is very bothersome to me as the malodor continues. I constantly wonder and worry about what my husband may be thinking. I can only imagine. The next step, of course, is to see my medical doctor. I am then diagnosed with Bacterial Vaginosis, a bacterial infection of the vagina. He then prescribes a course of antibiotics, which is the traditional course of action for treating problems caused by abnormal balance of bacteria. My doctor advises me that my partner should be treated, so a prescription is written for him as well.

Of course, my husband’s response was, “Not a chance, it’s cancerogenic”, and refuses to take it. I do as the doctor orders, take my antibiotic, no beer or wine (functioning like an antabuse) however, now I am nauseous. It helps! Unfortunately, I am symptom-free for only a short time and after one month, the unpleasant odor is back. Therefore, I take the antibiotic that was prescribed for my husband, which he did not take, and again I am symptom free for an additional month. Now what? The odor is back, once again!

Another visit to the doctor’s office. The doctor’s assistant prescribes a new course of antibiotics, Metronidazole. I think, “Carcinogenic?” and I ask the assistant. In turning the pages, the information in the Catalogue of Medicine can be interpreted as such. She agrees. Metronidazole is the preferred antibiotic. It is prohibited for animals due to the carcinogenic effects, however it has not been proven carcinogenic to humans, but certain evidence indicates similar damage within humans. This compound has quite a few side effects.

Stripping the Internet
The Internet and libraries are stripped of good ideas: yogurt, aceic acid, lactic acid bacteria and cranberry juice are all suggested to alleviate these symptoms, however, they do not help. In reality, they are rather irritating and probably unhealthy.

Unpleasant vaginal odor is caused by a microbial imbalance. Instead of lactic acid bacteria, you have smell-producing bacteria known as Gardnerella vaginalis. The vagina is not sufficiently acidic, therefore, the abnormal balance bacteria takes over. In fact, the experts do not advise your partner be treated as the bacteria are always present.

It’s all about getting the right bacterial balance in the vagina. Both the beneficial lactic acid bacteria and the harmful bacteria are normally present, and it is unclear as to why the harmful bacteria sometimes takes over. The bacteria nourish on compounds secreted from the body. Lactic acid bacteria metabolize sugars to acid and maintain the acidic environment. The harmful bacteria do not thrive in the acidic environment and are outdone. The smelling compounds are neutralized in acids.

This got me thinking! ”It must be possible to control these bacteria and their acid production”. I tested a special sugar, which lactic acid bacteria much appreciates. It’s working! The smell disappeared after only 12 hours.

I have then since started up a company to make certain that this product becomes available to all women in need. It is of great importance for women suffering from this underexposed problem to know that a harmless and efficient solution is available on the market today for the benefit and joy of women and their partners.

It is my heartfelt pleasure to introduce LadyBalance to all women
so they too can reap the same benefits as I have.
Inge Dorthe Hansen